Kalgoorlie Bolder Fair 2019

We where up before the crack of dawn. It was a 3 am start on the road and in the sky, soooo exciting. This was to be my first time in Kalgoorlie. I love to visit new places and meet new people, im always up for an adventure. We where staying at the newly refurbished Kalgoorlie Hotel and im happy to say it was really nice. Not that we spent much time there of course we where to busy playing at the fair. Gorgeous peeps the Kalgoorlie folk, friendly and chilled its a really cool relaxed place.                                        The vibes at the fair where fun, fun, fun

We meet some awesome children and everywhere we go we make new friends. Mr Glenny Bean was very naughty but also very nice, he decided to eat ice cream for breakfast (naughty) and bought me one too (nice). Back to work i suppose, well we did 5 shows over the 2 day fair and lots of roving in between. We danced, we sang, we entertained in our usual silly manner. I received lots  hugs from happy kids and i even got to hug a snake

We love Kalgoorlie, Snakes and eating ice cream for breakfast.

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