Perth Corporate Events, Melbourne Cup 2018

Jelly Beans in the park.

Being an English girl in Perth
I had yet to truly experience the fun and excitement of the Australian wide event, Melbourne cup day. Until 2018 that was. We had been booked to entertain for the two largest mining corporations in Australia at their Circus themed event in Central Park Perth.

We loved  hanging out with the big kids in the city (adults off duty) and the typical buff security staff, a couple of jugglers, two jokey stilt walkers and a very serious magician (not my fabulous MR Glenny Bean). Honestly these guys where all very friendly but rather low key compared to The Jelly Beans which is our Roving Clown act. Baby Louie our cute puppet made an appearance and charmed the ladies and it was not long before the bubbles and bubbly started to lift the crowd. The atmosphere was delicious and the entrees where rather scrumptious too, do love posh party food!

We meet some absolutely gorgeous peeps in Perth City that day and it was good to see the grey suits swapped for something more jazzy and the ties loosened, these people work hard and sadly i doubt they get to laugh as much as we do every day. This is the favorite part of my work, children naturally play but grown ups get stiff, stuck and stuffy, yuck! We are in our HAPPY PLACE when we are assisting in your let go, kicking back and enjoying the moment. It was a great day and once again we received plenty of positive feedback from some tipsy people in the park.

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