Frequently asked questions

On Average 1 hour and 15 mins, but can varied and will depend on the type of event. 

NOTE: Time extensions can be arranged prior to the event for an additional cost however, our availability to meet these requests will depend on our scheduling of other events. 

We require a deposit (usually between $50 -$300 (depending on the value and size of the event) to confirm your booking and secure your date and time. Please note to ensure your preferred date and time we suggest you book as early as possible. 

IMPORTANT: The deposit becomes non-refundable on payment. This policy is due to the fact we have many inquiries and will often have to turn away customers as a result of a secured booking.

Transferring dates will depend on our scheduling.  Changes to dates need to be made no later than 7 days prior to booking.  We will do our best to meet all these these requests, but it may depend our current bookings. 

Most of our small parties of up to 25 children have pricing on each specific party type.

We usually charge $ 10.00 per child above 25 however, we have a ceiling on how many we allow. Contact for more information if your numbers exceed 25. 

Because we have so much equipment we will charge and additional fee if the venue is not on ground floor or in some city hotels where access is complicated or difficult. We require close and easy access to venues if possible.

There is a small travel fee for parties south of the river (see also “How far do you travel” section.)

If you have a large events then please contact us for a quote. Our experience and equipment means we are capable of dealing with large numbers of children which can include various age groups. 

Be sure to go to each party event to see everything that is included. We are like no other party entertainment business.
Note: We supply that wow factor at your event with significant amount of equipment. We are not the cheapest but offer amazing value for money. 

READ OUR REVIEWS FIRST to see what our customer say.other people say. You will note they don’t just recommend us, they rave about our service.  

We cover all of the Perth Metro Area. Our standard travel time is 30 minutes which is free. Longer times will incur a very small additional traveling fee.

As a rule of thumb we usually only charge  a travel were travel is in  excess of 30 minutes, which covers our petrol costs and vehicle maintenance, there is no charge for our time while traveling. South of the river normally incurs a fee.


We are always a team of two entertainers as we allow 25 in a party.
You will find that while other party organizations will often send a single entertainer ( or will charge more for extra entertainers for groups above 10 children)  we are still competitive on pricing and offer a far more personalized service, additional attention and bring significant more amount of equipment than majority of Companies.
We do this full time and we do not hire casual young and inexperienced staff which you will find with most other party organizations which often results in poor quality service and unreliability.

We usually have three parties sessions per day. 

Morning Session:  between – 9.00 am- 12. 00 pm 

Afternoon Session:  between 1.30 pm – 4.30 pm.

Evening Session:  6.00 pm onward’s.

We can be sometimes flexible on occasions depending on our scheduling.  


Food When to eat is entirely up to you. ( Also see our recommendation below.)
Some children, depending on their age, may want to break for a snack .   Most though are generally so interested in the entertainment  that they will not want to miss a moment of the fun.  Others will want something to keep the energy going (we recommend finger food). 

Cake – We would recommend you do the Birthday cake towards the very end of our show.

Note: We don’t recommend a “sitting down for food”  scenario during our show.
We want you to receive value for your money  and we are unable to add this time to the end due to our busy schedule. 
If you particular want this option we suggest it be done after we leave or we can extend your booking time for an additional fee. This time extension will need to be arranged  at the time of our booking prior to the party.  

  • Up to 25 participating Children. 
  • Additional children charged at $10 per Child
  • We do not include babies in arms.

If you require any further information or clarification please do not hesitate to contact us.  We want your day to be as special as it can be so we are happy to assist where ever we can. 
The only silly question is the one you don’t ask.