Perth Zoo South Perth Zoochella kids NYE Dance Party

It was our absolute pleasure to spend New Years Eve with all the delightful characters and amazing staff at Perth Zoo. We love Perth Zoo for so many reasons, and their NYE Dance Party is one of them. All day long we got to play, sing and dance with our favorite little people. Excitedly we bumped into many many faces that we new, boys and girls, mum’s and dads, peeps we had hosted parties for across glorious Perth. Mr Glennybean’s giant bubbles went down a treat always a good crowd-pleaser. Jelly Kelly and Mr Glennybean where welcomed with big hugs and Jelly Kelly got to hang out with baby Yoda and the Star Troopers that had come to wow the Zoochella crowd. It was all in all a fabulous day at Perth Zoo.

Perth Party Time

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