Perth Party Location Guide : Rendezvous Hotel Perth Scarborough

A beautiful location on the WA coastline, we absolutely love this venue. The team are super friendly and helpful. Being the large production that we are, we always have tones of Equipment and set up can be a lengthier process than typical with home parties. Please keep this in mind if you are booking one of the suits or large ball rooms because yes we charge extra for arriving 3 hours early to set up. The walk from the underground carpark to the Preston Room takes nearly 20 minutes with our equipment and we had to several trips because we bring an epic array of goodies.

We have hosted a number of events here and found that the staff are amazing, the space is fabulous and the food is pretty tasty too. All in all we have had BIG FUN at the Rendezvous Hotel

Some of the parties we have hosted include:
Lucys 6th Birthday _ The Jelly Kelly and the Muffins Show
Abigails 8th Birthday – The Ultimate Floor Disco
Cynthias 7th Birthday – The Tragic Magic show and The Ultimate Floor Disco
Ryans 6th Birthday – The Tragic Magic Show

Happy parents always. If your considering booking the Rendezvous Hotel for your party go for it, its an all round winner.

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