Perth Party Location Guide : Silver Oak Restaurant in the Swan

Zoha was turning 6 and mummy Minaz had been told many stories of our brilliant entertainment, but had yet the oppotunity to see us in person. It’s the one main problem with being a small boutique business and at the same time, its the best problem to have, we are in huge demand because we are impossible to replicate. This maybe difficult to believe as most people when they think about kids entertainment they imagine the standard model that they often see. Well my friends that is not us and shall never be me. When we say unique we mean it, when we say BIG ENERGY watch out. Comedy and play is my home and on this particular Saturday evening we had a gorgeous crowd and a beautiful location with heaps of running about space.

The Silver Oak restaurant in Swan was marvellous I loved the outside play ground, being a mum of four myself I would 100% take my family out for an evening or anytime of day to feast here, the Boss was really warm and friendly to which is always a bonus. Mum Minaz had chosen to go with A RAINBOW THEME for her party and her guests had jumped on board, everyone looked fabulous. The children were simply perfect and this group of adults were lots of fun, we had dads covered in glitter and mums wearing wigs. They joined in and got dressed up and that is what I call a successful Saturday evening, grown ups who got to feel young and kids who got to stay up later than usual.

Happiness all round xoxo

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