Jelly Kelly’s Mission

The Jelly Kelly and the Muffins Show. Whats it all about? I hear you say. Well let me explain what our amazing, magical, incredibly silly, deliciously heartwarming birthday party kids show is all about. Its children’s entertainment at its finest, and ours are parties kids will remember for many years to come. The very moment Jelly Kelly and Mr Glennybean arrive at your party venue they begin to engage with the children and the atmosphere comes alive. As Mr Glennybean unloads each box of birthday treasure the anticipation and excitement grow to an electrifying high. And there are many many treasure chests, everyone filled will with games and goodies that each gorgeous guest and all crazy kids will get to enjoy throughout the show.

Jelly Kelly is 9. She maybe small but she is on a big mission which was handed to her by the big boss “the Ring Master”. Each child will get to participate in this incredibly fun experience. The mission will be accomplished when each child has had a belly full of good times. Jelly Kelly is high energy and kids love this. There is no time to be bored or wonder whats coming next. Its non stop games, giggles and goodness. There are silly activities that everyone will be given the opportunity to join in and we find that even the shyest of children want to have a go. Warm and kind yet bouncy and full of beans Jelly Kelly is the pied piper of children. Encouragement and praise are common threads throughout the party and this is part of the magical experience each incredible child will get to enjoy. Friendship and parent child bonding are welcomed, th Jelly Kelly finds nothing more heartwarming than a happy soulful family which has been enriched through the universal language of imagination, creativity and play. Play is powerful and laughter is contagious. We finish the show with an award ceremony where every delicious little Muffin is celebrated for being perfectly unique and absolutely scrumptious.

We pride ourselves on our point of difference and different we truly are. From the amount of accessories and goodies we bring for your enjoyment to the affordable cost of our high quality service, we want every child to have the most wonderful memorable birthday party and every mummy and daddy to enjoy the moment stress free and connected to the little people they love the most in the world, our incredible kids.

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