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All About Ashton…

late October 2017 and Ashton’s mummy was throwing a birthday party, her back yard in Edgewater, Joondalup,  was the perfect location for this event. 20 very cute 5-6 year olds mainly boys but a couple of token girls came to see what was going down at the birthday party. This event was a Jelly Kelly Party, and as usual the kids had an excellent time. How could they not they where in the safe hands of the fun experts, the happiness elite, the ones that know best what makes little people tick. There where a couple of very cheeky monkeys in the group, but by the end of The Jelly Kelly and the Muffins show im happy to say Mr Glenny Bean and Jelly Kelly had tamed them. While still adorably cheeky they where now completely manageable. We have a way with kids, Glenny Bean and myself, we are both parents and are really proud of our ability to get on a level with children which lets them be heard. Lets face it when that kid is kicking off or acting out they are trying to communicate but just do not have the vocabulary to express themselves properly yet, some people never get it! We do not push kids away that are noisy or demanding, we simply understand that they have a different need to be meet and with our experience we have found these demanding boisterous children need to be challenged mentally or physically. So we push them a little harder and challenge them and then we see the frustration turn to joy and pleasure, which then breeds calm and contentment. Now back to Ashton the star of the show, he was not one of these monkeys he was a dream, a kind good nature friendly boy that i had meet before at another party and when his mummy had asked him if he would like me to come to his birthday party, he jumped up and down on the spot and ran into my arms. These are the moments I never get bored of. I adore kids and I am  proud to say they like me too.

We love Cheeky Monkeys, Boisterous Boys and a challenge.

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