Perth Party Location Guide: Post Restaurant Perth CBD

Parking in the CBD is generally a nightmare, trying to park our double length vehicle in crazy peak traffic is definitely not a great way to start the day, we always have to think wisely before we say yes to the gigs that are bang in the heart of the city. Thankfully this wonderful kids birthday party was an evening affair and its location was definitely to our liking. Glenn and I really struggle to eat party food, it is unfortunately most of the time a tad junkie but Post Restaurant St Georges Terrace CBD put on a delicious party feast.

My mission was to entertain a smallish group of children in an extremely small space and guess what? mission accomplished.

Text message Diary….
Mum Blenda – Hi Kelly, thank you so much for your awesome show it was for the kids but even we loved it!! Really enjoyed the time with you and Glenn. Hope to see you again, you did such an amazing job engaging the kids. It’s no ordinary show? Please stay in touch, and come seems in Bali.

Always wonderful to receive feedback first thing in the morning after an event, but even more fabulous to get an offer of a Bali stay lol. Being Jelly Kelly is a blessed freedom but honestly sometimes I can feel like an alien. Chuckling to my naughty self on this occasion because the average Friday Evening CBD visitor is not 5. Which meant us kids were completely out numbered by swooning couples. Anyways I’m a performer and I never break character fortunately most grumpy grownups are secretly deep down not actually grumpy old people they are in fact BIG KIDS TOO, and so began my skipping through the posh nosh CBD Restaurant adorning the adults with sparkles, love and laughs.



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