The Tragic Magic Show

Once upon a time there lived a magnificent magician called Count Glennybean the Great. He was the world famous Birthday Party Magician. His magic was marvellous and although he was a mysterious character that did not like birthday cake he became so busy and popular touring across the land of Perth that he decided it was time to take on an apprentice to help in his birthday party show.  He advertised in all the papers and was inundated with clucky excited students, eager to learn the ways of the Party magician. Count Glennybean knew in his heart of hearts that to share his secrets with another would be almost impossible and so the student that he chose would have to be a very special creature indeed.

came Jelly Kelly Clown she was naturally the perfect choice already a Birthday party entertainer  and extraordinaire. Count Gleenybean knew immediately she was special. She had qualities that he did not. She had a truly magical way with children and people, they loved and adored her. She was silly and fun but passionate about becoming a great magian, just like Count Glennybean. The team was formed and a brand new magical duo was born.The Perth Kids Birthday party scene was about to get a brand new act.

Count Glennybean began teaching Jelly Kelly and Jelly Kelly dedicated her time between clowning about and practicing magic. Unfortunately Jelly Kelly is a mischievous clown and even with all her good intentions, sometimes she just could not help but cause trouble and mishap along the way. Jelly Kelly is only 9 after all!

The Tragic Magic Show is Perths number 1 most loved children’s magic show for kids Birthday Parties. Even parents love the show so much we often see them laughing along with all our silly behaviour. But, do not be mistaken mums and dads, inviting us to your children’s  birthday party is no joke. Jelly Kelly maybe an outrageously cheeky lovably playful clown but when it comes to magic, she is something very serious to be seen.

This is a 5 star production for you kids birthday party or corporate event. Highly rated  throughout the land far and wide. Invite us to your birthday party and you will live happily ever after.

The END.

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