January 2019 Macey’s Magical Birthday

When i received the call that sunny day and the very friendly mummy on the other end of the phone happily told me, that her little girl knew exactly what sort of entertainer she wanted at her 5th birthday party, I jumped for joy!  she wanted a “CRAZY CLOWN” and i knew just the person for the job. Jelly Kelly.

Doing what we are meant to be doing creates fun, excitement and contentment in our lives and invariably in the lives of the people around us. When we are excited about something its contagious. I share often that i truly love my work and its moments in time like this one that make my heart melt.

The delightful Macey was dressed like a little pink cupcake and the birthday party decorations where rainbow, which is of course my favorite colour. On first sight of each other we both jumped up and down and knew we where going to be friends forever.

The bubbles began to float and fly and giggles where erupting from every cheeky face and before we knew it everyone was having an absolute ball. The giant parachute is always a winner. We have many silly and exciting games to play and thankfully we are highly skilled in making this wonderful toy work in most spaces. We have put together a truly unique event in the Jelly Kelly and the Muffins show and by the end of the birthday party even the most shy, unsure little pickle was joining in the birthday fun and party games.

Sometimes the temptation of birthday cake is just to overwhelming to resist and today was one of those days and so while the wonderful Mr Glenny Bean packed up the trailer, i snuggled up with Macey and her friends for a slice of delicious rainbow birthday cake.

Thank you Karen and Macey for inviting the Jelly Kelly and the Muffins Show to host your birthday party celebration.

What a wonderful Birthdy party and a gorgeous bunch of Muffins. This is not a job but a dream vocation spreading joy across the nation. We do what we love and love what we do. Happy days and Happy Birthdays we think you guys are incredible.


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