The Tragic Magic Show

The Tragic Magic Show … is not your average children’s magic show . We have found that many magic shows and magicians can sometimes be very boring for children and young children can struggle to sit in one place for to long.
However, this theatrical performance is full of hilarious fun and surprises and plenty of audience participation, and packed with crazy fun guaranteed to hold everyone’s attention from start to finish.  Even the grown-ups will be entertained and be smiling for ear to ear.

Experience the truly silly antics of  Count Glennybean the world famous magician  and his very cheeky and at times mischievous assistant ” Jelly Kelly the clown”.
Be advised there will be lots of excited, screaming and pointing kids as they try to warn the performers on strange of the happenings and unfolding’s, we love this ecstatic crowd participation and so will you, when you witness the joy and pleasure on your children’s faces.
The show is not only full of lots of Magic tricks but also highlights the very accident prone clumsiness of Count Glennybeans  assistant Jelly Kelly the Clown. Everyone will enjoy  “The Wonderfully Weird Magician Count Glennybean” and his disastrous Magical tricks and their slap stick calamities. The truth is, all poor Count Glennybean wants is to show off his magic but, his new assistant has different ideas, the magic is about to go horribly wrong. This is theme of The Tragic Magic Show.

PLUS Count Glennybean’s giant Bubble Show is also included in the 90 minute program, following the magic show.

So if your looking for a simply fantastic Children’s Magic show like no other, then look no further. We want your kids birthday party to be incredible in every way. Call our friendly team today and let us help you plan an amazing birthday party experience.

What our customers say:

Tragic Magic Show is So much Fun
The Tragic Magic Show is so Much FUN!!

What's Included:

  • Travel of up to 30 mins (there is a small fee for extra distance (See FAQ)
  • Set up time of approximately 30-40 minutes (which is usually done prior to guests arriving.)
  • Option for 60 and 90 minute Shows.
  • Two professional adult entertainers
  • Music and Audio Systems
  • Pop up stage – requires a large room either in the home or venue. This production is NOT suited for ourdoor parties.
  • Commercial Bubble Machine.
  • Optional extra – Ask about  “The Bubble Master” and his Giant Bubbles.(included in the 90 minute show and needs an outdoor area)
  • Magical props
  • Interactive show engaging all children.
  • Enough fun and laughter to exhaust even the most active of children
  • Working with Children Certificate
  • We require a deposit with a booking to secure your date and time 
  • Click here to contact us  for pricing and information