Only the best Face and Body Paint and Glorious Glitter

Here at the wickedly wonderful world of Perth Party Time we love birthday parties, party people and everything colourful. We get to play around with some of the most incredible face & body paint, and we choose to use only the BEST products on the market because the truth is we actual do love kids, yes even teenagers! lol

My favorite colour is RAINBOW which you might just spot if we ever meet. Which means the most beloved face paint in my purse is my rainbow colour cake pack. If we happen to cross paths at a birthday party or disco and you stand still for long enough you may find yourself being decorated like the birthday cake.

On hosting our Disco Dance Party event…… DJ Jells Fluro Disco & the Silly Olympics, You will not only find the dance floor array with bold, funky bright disco lights and colours but you can not fail to miss those guests and party peeps that are having fun and modeling our Fluorescent UV Face & Body paint. This very special bling event boosts its very own FLURO BLACKLIGHT DARKROOM where you will get to experience the effects of the gorgeous glowing face & body paint in all its glory.  We have a great selection of colours to choose from and also in this extraordinary kit is UV nail polish.

Disco Glitter, Birthday Bling and Princess Sparkles….  Being environment savvy is very near to our heart’s at Perth Party Time and although we are true party animals we do not party at the expense of any real ones. We are now using a new and exclusive range of beautiful Glitter, its not only gentle on the skin but gentle on the planet. Mother nature and mum’s across Perth and Australia are happy that we are switching to biodegradable glitter. So weather we are hosting your PAMPER & PLAY PRINCESS PARTY with Florence the Fairy Godmother or its your Disco Dance Party you can rest assured you are having fun and doing your bit to keep our oceans clean & safe.

We love Parties, Peeps and Planet Earth.

Perth Party Time

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