Whimsical Mystical Fantasy Gang

Welcome to the magical world of fantasy creatures and mystical characters. We want to share with you everything we know about the secret world of Fairies, Elf’s, Pixies, Pirates and Mermaids. We have several fabulous packages for you to choose from and each has something delicious and delightful and we promise to thrill, entertain and exhaust your little creatures.

The Bubble Master and the Glitter Bling Fairy PARTY

This fairy and elf theme birthday party is perfect for children
aged 5 – 10

The Bubble Master is an Elf from the pickle tribe, he stumbled upon Perth some moons ago and feel in love with the beautiful Glitter Bling Fairy. What’s included in this cute warm and very fun birthday party show …

The Bubble Masters Giant Bubble Show. Wings and wands (bubble wands) for everyone. The children get to try making giant bubbles with the bubble master then they all get mini wands and make bubbles together. We don’t recommend this party for children under 5 as it can get a little messy and we are very wary of children getting bubble juice in their eyes.(soap)
 This party is the ultimate bubble feast including commerial bubble machines.
The “Bubble Master” brings his very special and expensive, bubble solution especially made for making giant bubbles. 

The Glitter Bling Boutique: be showered with love and sparkles from the Glitter Bling Fairy. Fairy’s and Elves love a boogie so of course theres a PA system and music to delight your ears.
High Energy Games Plus the Glitter Bling Fairy’s Treasure hunt. So much BLING!!!
Our Cosy corner, cushions and blankets are the perfect  place to sit and watch the show from.

NOTE: This party is perfect for groups of 15-children, although we have a modified version for larger crowds.


Mermaid High Tea Party

This Mermaid and pirate theme birthday party is perfect for children ages 4 – 10.
Arora the Mermaid is a beautiful creature, she works best when Bluebeard the pirate is by her side as they have been treasure hunting together for many years and he loves to take care of his sweet siren.

Here’s what’s included in this dream pool party package….
Mermaid water performance, let Arora show you what a mermaid can do. 
Mermaid Song and Story Time
High Tea and Picnic
Questions and conversation
Mermaid sparkles
Photo opportunity

Best suited for the summer months please conatct Kellyjoy for more information about  this unique kids birthday party experience. Advanced bookings required.

NOTE: At no time do we alow children to swim with the mermaid during her in water performance due to safety concerns however, the childten sit next to the pool and she interacts with them throughout the performance. 

The Enchanted Fairy Tea Party

This magical fairy tea party is best suited to tiny tots and younger children. We created this experience because some mums contact us and struggle to know what to do with there small group of toddlers 3 and up, dont worry we have everything needed to entertain and keep busy those twinkly little darlings. This party is an array of age appropriate games, activities, music and song and of course a tea party fit for a fairy tribe.

Fairy party with our wonderful entertainers perth party time

What's Included:

  • Travel of up to 30 mins, there is a small fee for extra distance see FAQ 
  • Set up time of approximately 30 minutes (which is usually done prior to guests arriving.)
  •  90 minute Party
  • We bring over $10K worth of equipment to your party and it is why we are Perth’s Best Entertainers.
  • Two adult Entertainers
  • Music and audio system
  • Commercial Bubble Machine and Bubble master party included Giant bubbles and children wands
  • Face painting
  • Boxes of dress up materials and costumes plus Fairy Wings and tea Set for “The Fairy tea party’
  • Glitter Bling Boutique
  • Games full of Fun and laughter.
  • Working with Children Certificate
  • We require a small nonrefundable deposit with a booking to secure your date and time
  • NOTE: Special requirements are needed for mermaid party.
  • Click here to contact us for Bookings or information
  •  COST: Glitter Bling Bubble Master $600
  •  COST: Enchanted Tea Party $600
  •  COST : Mermaid  Party $650