Superhero and Action Adventure Party

We are calling all Explorers, Adventurers and Superhero’s to come on this exciting exploration into the world of action and adventure. 

 The center piece of this party are the Head Quarters of our action adventure Teams and at every step of the way the children are involved in building this important structure. The HQ represent, team work, a place of friendship and a sense of achievement, like any Den this is a fun exciting place to make plans and execute them. We set up an assault course and even bring our crocodiles, Lava River and Dinosaur. We engage the children in games and activities which are fun, silly and also hold their attention. This party experience is truly magical and taps into every child’s needs and desires for positive attention and praise. We have captured the true meaning of Imagination and Creative Adventure play.  
We encourage parent child bonding through play and at times you will be asked to join in the activities, be part of the memories, embrace the moment, use your imagination, be creative and feel playful. A tall order you say? We think not! We love life, children and having fun. Laughing should be a daily practice. Let us share our joy, enthusiasm and positive vibes with you.


What's included:

  • Travel of up to 30 mins (there is a small fee for extra distance see FAQ)
  • Set up time of approximately 30 minutes (which is usually done prior to guests arriving and can be 45 mins for Deluxe party.)
  • Option for 60 or 90 minute Party
  • Standard Show includes Captain Pirate and Fairy plus the following:
  • Giant Bubbles
    Two professional adult entertainers
  • Music and state of the art audio system
  • Commercial Bubble Machine
  • Face painting
  • Interactive show engaging all children and parents
  • Boxes of dress up  Costumes
  • All props for Games
  • Enough fun and laughter to exhaust even the most active of children

    Deluxe Party includes the above plus:

  • Giant Den Building activity
  • Event suits larger outdoor space or park 
  • Special Effect Hero Photo Booth 
  • Assault course
  • Working with Children Certificate
  • NOTE: “Super hero’s” costumed Entertainers length of appearance can be restricted in summer months and is recommended they be held in Air conditioning premises.
  • We require a small nonrefundable deposit with a booking to secure your date and time 
  • Contact us here for  pricing and Information


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